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Looking to build strong, lean muscle while breaking a sweat to torch fat? If you're too swamped to plan your own workouts or your workout buddy keeps flaking, we've got you! Join our 60-minute strength and conditioning classes led by expert coaches. Say goodbye to workout guesswork – we'll guide you through warm-ups, workouts, intensity adjustments, and cooldowns for optimal recovery.


We get it; your schedule is packed! Our community is made up of busy professionals, social butterflies, and dedicated parents who prioritize long-term health while juggling life's demands. Whether you crave an energizing workout before a busy day starting as early as 5 am or prefer joining our after-work crew at 5:30 pm, we've got your back!


What keeps you hooked? Seeing results! Sure, we all want to rock those smaller jeans or feel confident in a swimsuit, and we can help with that, but performance wins help keep you motivated, too! Who doesn't like crushing their mile time, lifting heavier, or nailing that first pull-up? That's why our app is not just for scheduling classes or checking out the daily workout; it's your personal record keeper, proving with numbers that you're making real strides!

Getting Started Is Easy



Everyone has different fitness experiences, goals, and budgets. The first step to achieving the desired results is booking a Discovery Call and letting us know what you want to achieve.



After the Discovery Call, we'll schedule your Day One and have you stop in and tour the gym. If you want to try a workout, we'll walk you through the movements one-on-one before class starts so you feel prepared and confident to tackle it!



If you're starting our group classes, we start everyone with three one-on-one Foundations sessions, each approximately 45-60 minutes long and designed to show you how to move properly, keep you safe, and build intensity to get you ready for class. Once you complete the three sessions, it's time to join your first class as a member!

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Do you find it hard to stick to a workout routine?
Life is busy, and it's easy to get sidetracked! That's why, every week, our coaches review attendance and reach out to those who might need a nudge to return to the gym.Let's face it – working out with people is way more enjoyable, but finding a reliable workout buddy can be a headache.
That's where we step in! Our classes are a mix of individuals facing similar life obstacles and chasing similar fitness goals. We support each other, both inside and outside the gym.Beyond awesome workouts with awesome people, we also organize monthly fitness and social events to strengthen the bonds within our community.
Just show up. We got you.
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We are conveniently situated just off of 35E and 694, approximately a quarter-mile from Sams Club on Buerkle Road.

1873 Buerkle Rd, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, United States

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. BearFitness is located and easily accessible from all of White Bear Lake.

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